Iterative Product Development

Iterative Product Development

At PILLER AIMMCO, we excel at product development. With in-house tooling operating multiple shifts, lights-out machining and an expert staff of engineers & technicians to collaborate with and support our client’s project goals, we are uniquely geared for success.

Product development, by nature, involves exploratory investigation and design iterations, and one of the challenges in developing injection molded plastic components is that parts produced using rapid prototyping technologies do not always reflect the feature nuances of an actual injection molded component. Thus, compromise becomes part of the game. In many instances developers are faced with limited material choices, less than desired mechanical properties, unachievable textures & finishes, or must revise desired part geometries to suit a particular prototyping process.

With these constraints in mind, it can be advantageous in terms of both time and costs to perform prototyping development using dedicated injection molding tools. Working with pre-hardened P20 steel, extensive modifications can be carried-out, including adding & removing inserts, adjustments to slides and lifters, and welding & re-machining geometries. Once finalized, these tools are often times suitable to support early production during ramp-up, or as dedicated production tools for lower volume projects.

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