Injection Molding

Injection Molding

The heart of our business is injection molding. With deep roots dating back nearly 50 years  we are experts in delivering quality injection molded parts and assemblies. Through knowledge & applied experience we are proud to have become recognized market leaders and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment. Contact Us.

Producing quality injection molded products begins with having the right tools for the job, and with our integrated manufacturing operations, we have these resources at our disposal. From state-of-the-art electric servo controlled high speed molding presses to full in house tool making and maintenance,  PILLER AIMMCO is fully equipped to provide quality custom injection moldings meeting client’s specifications.

Within our main 55,000 sq. ft. facility, our molding floor currently features 43 molding presses with clamp tonnage from 35 to 1,250, and shot capacity from 1.7 to 257 ounces. PILLER AIMMCO offers one of the largest concentrations molding presses over 500 tons on the west coast, with nine machines from 500 to 1250 tons. For competitive high-speed molding, we have six fully electric, servo controlled molding machines equipped with pressure injection accumulators enabling quick & efficient cycle times. For small complex components, our operations feature a range of fully electric and electro-hydraulic molding presses, including vertical, horizontal and 2-shot, with the capability to tightly control all critical processing parameters.

Effective production planning is accomplished through our state-of-the-art “IQMS” ERP system with all machines and work centers wirelessly communicating status and progress in real time. Our staff of seasoned process technicians have touch-screen access at each press to all documentation necessary to produce a fully compliant product using our proprietary custom software. This documentation includes:

• Set-Up Instructions
• Process Settings & Limits
• Detailed, Visual Work Instructions
• Detailed, Visual Inspection Documentation
• Drawings & 3D Models

Contact us with your injection molding requirements to learn how we can exceed your expectations.

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