Low Pressure Injection Molding

Low Pressure Injection Molding (Hot Melt Adhesive, Macromelt® / Technomelt®)

PILLER AIMMCO offers a unique low pressure molding & encapsulation process that can be used as a replacement for traditional potting methods. The process can achieve considerable savings in comparison due to the faster cycle times achieved with this low pressure technology. The materials are low viscosity Polyamide based thermoplastics with a range of unique properties, including:

• Adhesion to a variety of plastic, metallic & composite substrates
• A wide range of hardness including soft durometers
• Excellent chemical & temperature resistance
• UL-94 flame rated
• Compatibility with injection moldable thermoplastics for over-mold applications

Common applications include:

• Liquid & Dust tight encapsulation of electronics & PCB’s
• Cable strain reliefs
• Protection of sensitive & fragile electronic circuitry

PILLER AIMMCO has successfully partnered with clients to incorporate the use of these materials into wearable devices that are then over-molded with traditional thermoplastics. Due to the low viscosity of the materials and the low molding pressures involved, in many instances hot-melt adhesives will provide enough protection to the electronics to withstand subsequent process steps, including additional over-molding steps. Products can also be produced in the reverse order (the hot melt adhesive molded directly onto another thermoplastic part or assembly) or used stand-alone as a finished component.

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low pressure injection molding macromelt low pressure molding press

Macromelt® Low Pressure Molding Press

low pressure injection molding PCB over molded with macromelt

PCB Over-Molded with Macromelt®

low pressure injection molding embedded pcb in multi shot injection moded part

Embedded PCB in Multi-Shot Injection Molded Part

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