Large & Small Part Injection Molding

Small & Large Part Injection Molding

Large Part Injection Molding

A key competency for many years, injection molding very large and complex parts is second nature at PILLER AIMMCO. We are one of only a few custom injection molding houses in the western U.S. with the necessary equipment and knowledge to reliably and efficiently execute large part injection molding. Our production facility features seven molding presses with clamp tonnage above 600 tons, including state-of-the-art fully electric, servo controlled, high speed machines with accumulated injection capable of producing parts up to 16 pounds.

Depending on part features, cosmetic requirements, and production volumes, we employ robotic automation with customized end-of-arm tooling to enhance efficiency and reduce the need for operator intervention. Our large molding presses are connected to customized, computer controlled automated drying and blending equipment that provides efficient and reliable delivery of feed stocks for optimized efficiency and quality.

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Small Part Injection Molding

With a range of state-of-the-art, fully electric and electro-hydraulic molding presses operated by seasoned process technicians and supported by an in-house team of injection mold manufacturing and tooling engineers, PILLER AIMMCO is fully equipped to successfully produce small and intricate injection moldings.

All of our molding presses are equipped with wireless communications to track and record critical process parameters. This data allows us to monitor process drift and set the appropriate constraints to ensure consistency throughout the production cycle. In addition, touch screens are mounted at each machine to give operators immediate access to critical documentation such as work instructions, inspection records, part drawings, and 3D part models.

Successfully producing small, intricate parts often requires enhanced inspection capability for dimensional accuracy and cosmetics. Magnification is used in conjunction with functional gauging, where possible, for in-process checks. Additional inspections and functional checks are integrated into each manufacturing plan as needed.

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SLPI molded pump housing

10 lb. Injection Molded Pump Housing

SLPI 1250 ton electric high speed modling press

1250 Ton Electric High Speed Molding Press

SLPI automated resin bleeding and feed

Automated Resin Blending & Feed

SLPI molding technician reviewing work instructions

Molding Technician Reviewing Work Instructions

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